Thursday, August 07, 2008



Two visits to the dentist down, 1 or 2 more to go! Today's session wasn't too bad. Gone were the humongous syringes of anaesthesia, and no x-rays to be taken today. The dentist took out the temporary filling she had put in last week, and started cleaning and scraping the canals of my tooth.

Turns out each tooth we have has 3 canals....and because the nerve of this particular tooth was exposed, causing my tooth to hurt REALLY bad, a root canal had to be done. The dentist had inserted a piece of rolled up cotton dipped in some medicine/antibiotic into the canals of my tooth. Today she took that out and SNIFFED it! Eeeww! I asked her if it was stinky and she said, "surprisingly, no!" and proceeded to stick the piece of cotton in front of my nose. Oooookay. But I did take a sniff and nope, no nasty gross smell, but just the smell of the medicine she had put a week ago. The anals of my tooth are actually clean, yeah! Hehehehe.

Inserting those coiled springy thingamajiggies into my tooth again, I heard scraping and scratching but didn't feel a thing. The dentist promised that my tooth wouldn't be hurting this week at all. Crossing my fingers that it happens the way she describes it!


I'm tootin' the fact that I'm in a magazine that came out today! Woot woot! No, not scrapping related, but more baby-related hehehe. It's called Baby Mag, and no they don't have an online version nor have I scanned in the couple of pages it has on me. Titled Paddle Parenting, it's under the Working Mother section.....and it just focuses on how we influenced the kids to be involved in sports because *we* were involved in sports. It came out pretty nice and I thanked Ditas, the writer, for making me sound so fun, so FIT (!!!) and such an awesome Mama!

I'm going to buy copies tomorrow so I can show off, hehehe. You can bet that those couple of pages will be framed! :) Yes, I'm going to try and scan them or take a pic of them as proof that I'm famous (sort of, lol!)


And I got a page done just now!
Off to bed read :)


Olivia said...

oh love your LO and the idea!!! :) hehehe... cute! And wow, Te! Can I ask for your autograph?!? hahahaha :)

Elizza said...

LOVE those eyes!