Friday, August 08, 2008

It's Pajama Time!

All I can say is, thank God that I have a brother who has the same birthday as me....who has a loving wife who loves to plan parties.....and doesn't mind that I hook up and join the party as a celebrant....AFTER birthday preparations are made. Hehehehe. I love you, Bang!!! And really, I thank God that you married Badabada!!! (not just this reason but for other reasons *wink wink*)

The celebrants: Boydee, Zhar, and me. This is going to be cool....and the long run for whenever we have joint birthday celebrations! Hehehe.

And our cake! The lovely Michelle Hechanova of wedding-cake fame (remember Mom and Dad's Ruby Anniversary cake with chocolate dipped strawberries---and you'll see another one of her wonderful creations this Saturday (or whenever I get to upload pics) at Rodney and Zhar's wedding) sent me this absolutely, yummy, TO-DIE-FOR chocolate concoction of a cake!!! I kid you not when I say that when I started slicing it, I could FEEL how moist the pureness of the chocolate cake-ness inside!!! And that fondant covering (it is, right?) seemingly holding the entire cake together just beautifully, simply melts in your mouth!!! Did I say heavenly chocolate goodness yet? That's what this cake is!!! THANK YOU, MICHELLE, for this chocolate perfection! It made my night --- it was the BEST dessert ever!!!

Here we all are, blowing our candles...
This is me, making pa-cute....and trying to hide the largesse of my arms with that itty-bitty m&m pillow of the kids, hahahhahaha!
and striking my goddess pose bwahahahahaha

Here' a passable pic of Japs and me. Check out my lovely french-tipped nails. Hehehe. Those are real! Oh darn it, I have NO lipstick on here! :(

Mother's living room was transformed into a humongo bedroom dorm. Our tables were decked in real bed sheets, with a pillow at the head of each table, along with a kiddie book and a stuffed toy. Oh-so-cute! I think Zhar thought of the idea, told Bang, who arranged it. See? With sisters like these, wouldn't it just be easier to sit back and relax.....and just whip out my checkbook for my share? Hahahaaha! I'm serious, sisterhood! You know how I hate parties....especially mine!

And in keeping with the pajamas theme, our food was breakfast food---my whole family's all-time fave kind of foods! We had corned beef and ham from The Plaza (totally yummy!), we had hot chocolate, pandesal, tocino, rice, and other things that I don't touch like dinuguan. I had the makings of Eggs Benedict, so I helped myself to 3 of those (while trying NOT to think about the cholesterol I was ingesting!!!).

All in all, it was a pretty cool party, something new for all of us. And the most important part? We all had fun, and once again had the chance to be what we do best: no, not eating (ok, that too!) but we're best at being a FAMILY. Ohana, if Lilo were to say it. :)

Good night!


Elizza said...

It was a GREAT party!!!! :D And can't wait for the theme next year! pressure on bang! haha!

Elizza said...

hey! i was the first here! i guess bang is busy with something....hahaha!

Olivia said...

hehehe... Had fun organizing the party! In fact, I love organizing parties as long as it's not mine. hehehe... My privilege to organize parties for you (and Boydee, my love! hehe) and more privileged to be your sister, Te... and that includes you too Lai!... and Stel, and Zhar! Wow, that's 5 sisters... And to think I wasn't even born with one to start with. hahaha... :) I love you all!!! :*