Sunday, August 24, 2008

Go Vultures (Basketball Game)

After mass and lunch at Gloria Mari's (hotpot, UGH!!!), we went to go see Rondic and Rodney play basketball. Their Jaycees team, the Vultures, was in a quandary: it was the second game of the semi-finals and they were down 1-0. They lose today, and they can kiss their shot at the championship goodbye. So Dic asked us to cheer for them, the way we did last week (when they lost).

We (Elizza, Zhar and the kiddos) were better prepared today. We brought a DRUM, hehehe. Not a big drum, but a pretty good sized one with a deep booming sound (not an icky, high-pitched sound). With the kids' Rock Band drumsticks, we were set. Louie, from the game before the Vultures, lent us the megaphone he was we definitely had sounds. :) Randy and Stella arrived sometime in the 1st quarter but had to leave before the game ended.

And boy, did we make sound! The other team was better prepared as well, having some empty gallon bottles of cooking oil on hand. They would bang these together; their "drum". Not as effective as our drum (didn't drown out the sound of it), but it was a good idea, hehehehe. Maybe we should bring some next week just to make our side louder.

Anyhoo, the Vultures NEVER led throughout the game. N.E.V.E.R. They would get to within 3 and the other team would make another run. The biggest difference was 9. But the Vultures' awesome rebounding in the 1st quarter game *me* some hope; they could beat the other team no problem because they could CONTAIN them!!!

So with a few seconds to go, the Vultures TIED the game. Our side of the stands erupted in cheers, yells, and screams. I jumped up holding on to the drum with my left hand and banging feverishly with my right. Zhar had control of hte megaphone and was all over it. Hehehehe.

Five minutes later, the game was over. The Vultures WON by 7 points (I think). Whoohoohoo!!! So the series is tied at 1-1. Next game, this Wednesday.

Oh, and I sure as heck lost my voice...I was cheering THAT loud!

It's all quiet at home right now. Raegan and Rogan are at La Vista; they're going with Randy and Stella first thing tomorrow to go wakeboarding. I would have loved to go, but I think the temptation NOT to participate would be too strong...and I can't get careless about my back :(

So I scrapped, hehehe.


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