Saturday, August 09, 2008

Becoming Part of God's Family

Welcome to the Christian World, Randolph Tyler!!! My newest godson (ahem!) was baptized today, at the Shrine. And *naturally* I was one of the godmothers, hehehehe. Like Randy had a choice---I told him I EXPECTED to be a godmother to his firstborn; that's a privilege that I can take as the eldest (and only!) sister he has, bwahahahaha! And yes, it's the same for all the firstborns of my brothers.:) Because it's the same for them as well, standing in as godfathers to all my kids. If not my brothers, then their wives: our Sisterhood.

Here are the proud parents, Randy and Stella

This is me, showing off my personalized Ninang Candle :) How cute is that!
This is proof, that yes, I'm a godmother---making the sign of the cross on Tyler's forehead
The proud parents, grandparents AND great-grandmothers. On both sides! COOL eh?
Take a closer look at Tyler's christening gown....all 10 of Mom's grandchildren wore that same gown during their baptism. Truly an heirloom! It's made of pina cloth, the same fabric used for the formal barong tagalogs. Then sewn with pink beads at first, since Reese was the first one to use it, followed by Rielle and Raegan. When Rogan was baptized, Mom had blue beads sewn on the gown as well, so that ALL her grandkids would be able to use the gown.

After the baptism, we all trooped to the Manila Polo Club for some uber delish pasta, pumpkin-stuffed pastry, barbecue and banana bread for dessert. I was stuffed! After the heavy merienda, we heard mass at San Antonio in Forbes since it was so near. Ahhhh....air-conditioned comfort! YES! Hehehe :)

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Olivia said...

Lai, na-una na naman ako! hahaah...

Welcome to OUR world Tyler!!! Most of all, welcome to OUR FAMILY!!! :) We love you!!! Even before you were born!!! :)