Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting Ready for the Shower

As if this past weekend wasn't stressful enough, I spent the entire day getting stuff ready for Zhar's bridal shower. It was buy this, buy that, print this and that, research this, etc. You get the picture. In fact, we were all so last-minute in doing stuff, we even had a lunch meeting at TGIF to sort of finalize everything! Boydee, Bang, Japa, Lai, Stella, Japa and myself were there and we were laughing up a storm thinking of totally risque games to implement during the shower.

The FOOD was going to be catered, and we didn't finalize that until about 2 pm. And yes, the event is TOMORROW. Sheesh! Hehehe. Down to the wire, I swear! Not good for the heart in all its panicky thumps, but hey, a great challenge for all of us.

We did the usual family divvy, each one doing our own forte. Easier that way, and we got to divide and conquer the tasks quite easily. A tad stressful, cutting it so close, but we are going to DO this! :)

Zhar's sisters are going to be joining us for the shower, so we put them in charge of the giveaways and the prizes. Our side will be taking care of the food, the venue and the games. Can you see me rubbing my hands in glee? This is going to be so much fun, especially when you factor in that I'm *NOT* going to have to participate, heeheehee!

Some layouts I forgot to post yesterday:


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Elizza said...

O-some layouts!~ hoping it will inspire me to start scrapping soon! hehe!