Thursday, August 28, 2008

PTCs x 3

Uhm. Yeah. That took up my entire morning. I dropped off the kids at the dentist (the girls had cavities and Rogan had to be checked if he could wear braces), and went to school.

Embarrassing moment of the day: I went to the WRONG classroom!!! Aargh! You would think with ALL the years I've been with the school, I'd get the right classroom. But then again, with all the KIDS I have in the school, I guess my mistake is justified?!? Bwahahahaha!

Anyhoo, the classroom I was looking for was 2 doors down, and I mercifully lunged for it.

Rogan's teacher was Teacher Erika. She was a bit young, but was already on her second year of teaching. She said Rogan was a funny boy; smart, but easily distracted. Typical and perfect description of my son, I say. Especially the easily distracted part. Apparently, his desk is one of the messiest ones in the classroom, he seems to NOT be listening to teacher and doing something else, but when he is called, he KNOWS what the answer to the question is! Which teacher couldn't fault, she says, hehehe. (Go, Rogan!)

He needs to work on his writing (in a MAJOR way!) and on his neatness. He is everyone's friends, loves to play soccer during their free time, and surprise of all surprises, he READS his Pokemon books in class! Of course, he does get into trouble because he reads the darned books WHILE class is going on, the little turd! Sigh! I told teacher at least he's into reading now! Hehehe.

Raine was under Teacher Tess. One of my favorite teachers in the whole school. One of the most practical, too. A no-nonsense teacher who really knows how to deal with her students. She is truly a second mom to all the kids. Her love shows in the way she talks about "her" kids. She says Raine has undergone a transformation of sorts from being a big, loud, rambunctious girl to someone who has mellowed and toned down, is a big sister (literally) to her classmates. She is a mediator (whoa!) and a comforter to those in distress for some reason or another.

Raegan seems to be a fave of Teacher Nez, their mama-bear. Rae-rae (hehehe) is responsible, funny, charming, smart, and always ready to help her classmates. She always recites in class, can be counted on to make sure everyone stays in line, and is teacher's little helper.

All the kids got mostly A's. The girls got 1 B, Raegan in Social Studies and Raine in Science, while Rogan got 2 B's: Social Studies and Filipino. Not surprisingly, hehehe. All in all a good haul for the kiddos, and I'm proud of them! These grades despite the fact that we were super duper busy during the ruby anniversary and wedding events and I couldn't even be counted on to look at their homework notebooks! At least, I told them, they were learning to be independent :) Besides, they needed to learn how to study on their own anyway, and not have to count on either me or Japa to have to review them! That would be spoonfeeding too much, I think. I survived without being reviewed/tutored by my folks, and I think it made me a better student.

* * *
My back has been KILLING me since yesterday. The same kind of pain that I was experiencing during the dance practice we had for the wedding anniversary program in Shangri La. Excruciating. Hurts to sit, stand and walk. Like I had a choice today.

I *was* going to go home and rest after the PTCs, but Elizza's prodigal employee decided to show up at the office today of all days. Darn it!!! So I went straight to the office to deal with the situation and get it over it. In short, I had to fire the guy for some circumstantial evidence that directly incriminated him. Sigh. What a job, eh? Took about an hour to do, but the poor guy was talking a mile a minute and then would break into tears. But my hands were tied; I had to do what was best for the company, I told him. And we couldn't have an environment of doubt in the office because of him. Thanks, Lai, for the idea!!!

Before I went home, I decided to pass by Greenhills. I wanted to buy a couple of bags to take to Hong Kong with us. Wrong thing to do. I knew I should have just asked Lai to buy the bags for me when she went there next. As it was, I was there for an hour or ONE store. Buying a total of 5 bags and 3 mini bags. Sigh! Yes, Lai, I shouldn't have brought that much cash with me! Grrrrr! Oh well, at least I have some really really cute bags now! Hehehehe.

I was able to scrap early this morning:


I used the new collab SIMPLY YOU by Nina Scraps Designs and Sue Cummings, coming soon at Oscraps!


Bev said...

I think the handwriting thing is a boy thing my son is in 7th and still has the most horrible handwriting! Love your layout it is beautiful!

Monique said...

Busy, busy, busy! Sounds like a lot of good news about the kids, always nice to hear! Have a great day! :-)

jaye said...

Writing.........definitely where we have battles at home with my son as well. He is a great student and can verbally tell me wonderful stories. He sits down and next thing I know there's only 4 sentences. I have him tell me, I scribe in his exact words and then he recopies it. Works much better for us
Sounds like you have amazing kids.

Sarah said...

WOW this lo is so wonderful...