Thursday, August 14, 2008

Root Canal Take 3

Don't worry, no explicit descriptions this time, hehehehe. But everyone will be glad to know (I know I was!) that today was the very LAST day of my series of visits to the dentist for my root canal. Like the last time, everything was clean and nice-smelling :) The dentist put a *permanent* filling in and I was done! Yeah!!! Now, my chipped teeth are another matter.......

We *were* going to have a wedding rehearsal today at 7 pm. Thankfully, that was cancelled. Not like we had to absolutely cram more stuff that we had to do this week of the wedding! Just looking at my calendar HURTS!!! Hahahaaha! I guess it's to be expected, last minute stuff to do, fittings, exams of the kids HAD to be this week (!!!) plus a Linggo ng Wika celebration in school. Sigh! I will be sooo glad when it's wedding day on Saturday! All this madness can then stop!

Speaking of weddings, I did do some layouts featuring the Ruby Anniversary. Check them out:


Now, to take advantage of this momentary lull in our busy lives this wedding week to scrap some more!

1 comment:

Elizza said...

CONGRATS on your root canal! finally! haha!

again, LOVE those layouts! the colors are perfect!