Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yesterday, Extended

Love my title? That's what happened today....whatever our schedule was yesterday, was pretty much a repeat for today. Good thing we were able to go to mass at Celebrity at 6 in RIGHT after the kids had showered and dressed. The function room was packed, but thank goodness we were able to sit down!

So today started bright and early.....Reese had to be at the pool at 630 am. Yes, in the MORNING on a SUNDAY. On Father's Day at that! Japa and I were smarter......Raegan went with Reese so at least she was with someone other than her yaya. We told Raegan to text us when the races would start, since I estimated that Reese's race would start close to an hour after the first race.

But if you know my dear time-conscious daughter, she of course texted several time to let me know that it was nearing Ate Reese's race and for us to hurry. Her last text said that it was already event 83, and that Reese was going to race in event 88. I knew though that there were SEVERAL heats in the races in between! Sigh! Oh well. At least Raegan is very prompt in everything :)

So we get there and witnessed Reese's event:
100m Free
Reese - 1:27.64 (1:42.00), 4th fastest heat in division B
After that, we told her we'd ALL go home since the next events for them wouldn't be until after lunch. So off we went and had yummy kielbasa, cheese sausages and rice for lunch. Hehehehe. We cautioned the kids against eating too much since they still had races to swim.

Anyhoo, race times are as follows:
200m Individual Medley
Rogan - 3:52.00 (4:26.60) in the fastest heat of division B
Raegan - 3:38.90 (4:01.00), division A

50m Fly
Reese - 0:44.77 (0:52.10), fourth fastest heat of division B
Rogan - 0:52.81 (0:56.20), fastest heat of division B
Raegan - 0:44.91 (0:49.00), fastest heat of division A
Raine - 0:51.41 (0:58.00), first in second fastest heat of division A

50m Free
Reese - 0:37.67 (0:41.80), first in the second fastest heat of division B
Rogan - 0:39.34 (0:39.80) in the second fastest heat of division A
Raegan - 0:38.92 (0:41.80) in the fastest heat of division A
Raine - 0:45.54 (0:45.80) in the fastest heat of division A

200m Medley Relay
Back - Reese
Breast - Raegan
Fly - Raine
Free - Danelle
Final standings for today's races:
200m IM
Rogan - 7th place out of 13, division B
Raegan - 5th place out of 8, division A

50m Fly
Reese - 10th place out of 42, division B
Rogan - 4th place out of 10, division B
Raegan - 6th place out of 10, division A
Raine - 6th place out of 10, division A

50m Free
Reese - 6th place out of 34, division B
Rogan - 9th out of 21, division A
Raegan - 7th out of 12, division A
Raine - 9th out of 10, division A
Medley Relay - 4th out of 5th. The girls were only 2 seconds away from 3rd!!! And they were majorly PISSED at their coach....because they said he didn't listen to their pleas when they told him what stroke they each wanted to do. Each girl knew her specialty, and they totally expected Coach Archie to put Danelle at backstroke and Reese at freestyle. Raegan and Raine could easily do the breast and butterfly part. The girls were so funny; they would frown at their coach and not make eye contact...but if looks could kill, the poor man would have drowned in his own pool! Hahahahahaha! According to their coach, he had fixed their positions a month before, a month before---when Reese was slightly faster in backstroke than Danelle, I guess.

But the sad part was, if Reese had done the freestyle, there was an EXCELLENT chance of their getting a medal since she would have really gone after the anchor of the 3rd place team! Danelle did a decent job, she made up soooo many meters in that last lap. But I'm still guessing that she doesn't have the killer instinct that Reese has, hehehehe. To be fair, Reese did stick to the pack at backstroke, which gave Raegan enough to make up a few meters for breaststroke, which gave Raine a bit of a headstart at fly (although the poor thing was tired from her last race!).

And yes, while at the races, I did start and finish some layouts:



And to Japa, Dad, Doods, Boydee, Rondic and Randy, a VERY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of you!!!

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