Sunday, June 29, 2008

Could We EAT Any More?!?!

Ahhh, Sundays.....a day of family, ergo, a day of EATING. The whole day. I guess we were lucky in a way that Japa had a dragon boat race early in the morning (which, for the life of me, I could NOT get up for!), otherwise we would most likely be eating breakfast at Sweet Inspirations. Buffet of course.

As it was, I was busy scrapping like heck to try and get more layouts done for the guest books of mom and dad for the anniversary AND downloading tons of stuff from Royanna at Divine Digital. Around 930 am, Mom calls me and says we're going to be having lunch at Freska. Buffet of course. Hehehe.

We go to Freska and the instant I saw the baked oysters, that was it. I piled at least a dozen on my plate, plus crab fried rice and I pretty much gorged on them. Sigh. Then there was mais con hielo (corn with ice and milk) which Boydee made for me.....and tasted like he dumped sugar in my bowl! But it was goooood! :)

After lunch, we vegged out at home, the kids doing Kumon and watching TV, Raine went with Japa to a friend's birthday lunch and a game of poker, and me doing the same things I did in the morning. Downloading like crazy....until the kids started complaining that our internet connection was incredibly slow, hehehehe! So I compromised and said I'd be downloading only TWO things at a time and no more. And yes, it took the entire afternoon!

For dinner, Lola was treating everyone to King One, a hot pot place in Macapagal Avenue (ugh--sooooo far!). And yes, you guessed it, of COURSE it was buffet style! Hahahahaha! I swear, this family LIVES TO EAT!

I normally detest hot pot kind of cooking---you know, where you have a huge bowl of soup in front of you and you dump all sorts of ingredients in to cook them, then eat everything from the bowl---but I sort of enjoyed this evening's food! I guess this is an indication that I must must MUST see my doctor!!! I need my meds to stop me from eating too much!!!

And with all the "activity" today ---more like, NON-activity!!!--- there was no more time to scrap. But we did have fun with the kids with a few games of Mario Kart! Hehehehe.

Did YOU eat today? :)

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