Monday, June 23, 2008

Raining and Draining

Because of the ferocious storm that ripped through the city the whole day yesterday, the Department of Education declared that there were no classes for all levels today. Dapat lang, no! A lot of streets were flooded, people had died, and there were a lot of people who were rendered homeless because their shanties had been blown away by the winds. All in all, not a pretty situation. Sigh! I think most people in the city were surprised by the storm because it had suddenly veered inward, into the middle of the country, instead of touching just the northern tip and exiting into the seas.

Despite the fact that I was soooo inclined to stay home with the kids who would be playing Mario Kart the whole day (hehehehe), work beckoned. Turns out I had TONS to do, after a marathon 3.5 one-on-one meeting with el presidente! Sheesh! I was smart though, I had Bechay order McDonald's to tide us over during the meeting. And was I right!!! Sigh! My head hurts trying to think of everything I have YET to do!!!

Time to pull my weight...and my keep, hehehehe. Seriously, I do need to buckle down and start finishing up tons of stuff just so I can say I've had a hand in this and that! But oh my gulay! I'm drowning in lists and I have yet to start! Heheheeehe. Tomorrow is a new day! Starting tomorrow!

And the draining part of this whole day? Damn BDO---that's BANCO DE ORO, in case someone wants to read on about the god-awful service they give their corporate online banking clients!!! First off, I was already P.O.d that I had yet been locked out of our account. Me, an authorizer!!!! How and why? Because the server was soooo slow, it probably wasn't recognizing any passwords that were being typed in! I had to keep calling every single time I had to use their stupid system just so someone could reset the number of times I was trying to log on! How inane can they get?!?!?

Another thing, the inept A$$ that answered me on the phone could not understand why I was so upset. And if you're upset, you tend to yell. A bit. And the a$$ (Rex Alcantara) had the gall and temerity to tell me that if I didn't stop shouting he would be forced to put the phone down!!! How $HITTY is that?!?!? But of course that riled me even further!!! I yelled at him that I refused to talk to him and DEMANDED a supervisor. I didn't care if he told me that he was empowered to make decisions, he was still an assistant (said with sarcasm dripping from my entire mouth!!!).

While I was being put on hold for yet another agonizing period of 20 minutes or so (there is NO exaggeration here!), mr a$$ alcantara most likely overheard me saying to a secretary who had happened in on the phone call that I wanted her to look for the contact person and phone number of the person Bang had called to set up this imbecilic and archaic online banking system because I was THIS close to pulling our entire account from freakin' BDO!!!

Apparently, he heard me because suddenly he was all nice and sugary sweet. Yeah right. Whatever, dude! I am NOT a dingbat like you! He asked for my number and told me that he would have a supervisor call me. And me, wanting to make it harder for hum (HMP!) demanded how long it would be. He said 15 minutes. And I put the phone down. No, I didn't exactly slam the phone down, but I so wanted to.

Exactly 15 minutes later, the supervisor, Marie I think it was, called me. She was all apologies and calming down ruffled feathers. Yeah, well, it takes a lot more than talk to calm me down. I want excellent service and by God, I was going to get it!!!

Anyhoo, this Marie consented to email me a reset password (because their archaic system wanted me to WRITE to them.....not an email, not a fax, but an actual kill-the-tree kind of letter on PAPER!!!). Which was all and good, but then this chick didn't know when to stop. She kept repeating that this was the first and last time they were going to do this for me because their (old system) policy was for a letter to be sent to them. Fine. The first time she said it. But did she have to keep repeating her damn spiel for 5 million times?!!? I swear, every other sentence she said was this particular spiel!!!

Which obviously, got my goat yet again and sent me on another tirade. Again. I cut her off and told her in this REALLY bitchy voice (my brothers know this voice) "stop repeating what you're saying. I am not deaf, I heard you the first time around and I do not need to hear it another 5 million times!!!" or something to that effect.

Ugh, I swear! If it weren't for the EXCEPTIONAL service (so far) I get from being a platinum credit card holder of theirs, I would be so OUT of BDO right now!

So there!

And how was YOUR day? Hehehehe.

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