Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fitting #1

Lola, Zhar and I went to Tatang's to try on the beginnings of our gown for the Ruby Anniversary. Lola's was pretty, in a chartreuse, i.e., lime, color which totally took years off her age. When my gown was brought in, I started squealing with glee, and clapping my hands, hehehehe. It was a wonderfully vibrant RED color---just what I wanted!!!

Aureo Alonzo has been making Lola's gowns ever since....decades ago. With the exception of Mom's wedding dress, he has made Mom's gowns for special occasions, including her silver wedding anniversary gown. Tatang was also the one who did my 2 debut gowns and my own wedding gown. I remember telling Japa that we can cut corners on anything in our wedding EXCEPT my gown. Ever since I could understand wedding gowns and couturiers, I had always dreamed about having the famous Aureo Alonzo make my gown :)

Anyway, as was Tatang's style, I had expected to be stepping into a white, cotton sheath that would serve as the basis of my gown for the anniversary. To my surprise and delight, the pin-woman (you know, the one who had all the pins in a pincushion in her hands and would adjust my gown and pin everything in place) brought in actual, *colored* gowns for us to try on! Hehehe. And no, there was absolutely NO design showing what our gowns would look like, as is Aureo's style. Oh well. We just trust him to come up with fahbulous creations for us! :)

We spent the rest of the day in La Vista. I stayed in Boydee's room, occasionally stealing glances at the tv playing 3 different kinds of movies, while scrapping. It was a slow day, scrapping wise, but I did finish this:




whatkatiedid said...

Oooh your gown sounds amazing - when can we see it?! LOL Beautiful layout too, the coloured papers against the black are really effective!!

Elizza said...

what a PRETTY picture! if this is a recent picture, you've lost ALOT of weight!!!! great layout!