Sunday, June 22, 2008

Storm, Floods, Brownouts

We woke up around 345 am to the sound of winds howling. Strongly. Apparently, Frank the storm had veered off its original course and had, instead, gone through Metro Manila. Our auto air conditioning had shut off, and it was slowly starting to get warmer, despite the storm raging outside. Japa and I simply acknowledged to each other that the power had gone out and we promptly fell asleep again.

We finally got up to questions like, "Mom, is it brownout?", "Mom, do we have electricity yet?" , and my personal favorite, "Mom, if it's brownout does that mean we can't use the computers?" Grrrr..but I must admit they were a little bit funny, especially since we figured the kids were bored out of their minds because they couldn't watch tv. And this was before 8 am!!!

We went to mass at 930...slightly late as we braved the pouring rain. Even the church had no power, so the priest was saying mass at a makeshift, much smaller alter and we were straining our ears to hear both the priest and the lector and readers. The priest said that we were all such an inspiration to him as we hadn't minded the storm..just so we could attend mass. He mentioned that the 2 earlier masses also had lots of people in attendance despite the storm.

Listening to the news, floods are everywhere as a result of the storm. A ship carrying 700 passengers had also capsized, with 12 deaths reported so far. Not an auspicious start to the week at all. Even our offices had been flooded although they were in the other wing, thank goodness!

We stayed in La Vista the whole day since they had a generator. The power did come back on a little bit before 2 pm.

We say What Happens in Vegas and it was pretty funny. It was a much-needed lighter fare than any of the movies currently showing which, based on previous posts, we had pretty much watched a majority of.
Two people discover they've gotten married following a night of debauchery in Vegas, with one of them winning a jackpot after playing the other's quarter. The pair trys to undermine each other and get their hands on the money... falling in love along the way.
An almost improbable film, but highly entertaining nevertheless. It did occupy me somewhat, as I actually let go of my laptop just so I could pay attention to the conversations going on in the movie. :)

I did some major scrapping today, though, which was good!


And now I'm pooped! The 3 bigger kids are staying the night in La Vista, so we have some MAJOR peace and quiet at home right now...which I can't enjoy that much since I am tired and very sleepy! :) Oh well! Maybe next time, hehehehe.


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