Thursday, June 26, 2008

Working and Scrapping

Nah, not together, though how I wish! It was work, work, work at work today, hehehehe. Since I sat down at my desk at a little bit past 10 am to a little bit before 7 pm. Sigh! I'm going to get old and gray fast, at this rate! Just trying to finish what Boydee wants tomorrow.

Admittedly, I have been able to squeeze in some anniv time, some scrapping (mostly downloading) time, and some ME time (facebook games, hehehe) in between all those hours of work. AND....I've been milking the time I have while inside the car...I've been starting layouts and so far it's been pretty productive for me. Sure, I'd get super duper dizzy, but during traffic times, this laptop is a godsend!

Here are my scraps today: (yes, as in plural, yeah!)


Off to try and scrap some more! I have to, you know...because I know it'll be all work again tomorrow! G'night!

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