Monday, June 16, 2008

First Day of School & LOTD

Well! This was less than exciting! Hehehehe. Maybe because Raegan, Rogan and Raine are a lot older now, or again, it's probably MY age, but there wasn't too much of a hullabaloo for the first day of school.

Things *have* been pretty busy, especially this weekend (for the kids at least), so maybe there wasn't that much excitement to go back to school. There was a token "I wish it was still summer" and "I don't want to go to school yet!", but I think it was just because of something to say to try and get a response from me :) I didn't give them the satisfaction of that though; I was half-asleep when they left. I did tell Ruby to take some photos of the kids at school, but I haven't downloaded them yet, much less taken a look at the pics!

I guess I'll just update this post with a pic or 2 of them off to school...just because.

I felt a bit frazzled trying to get their school stuff in order though..there was a last minute trip to the bookstore to get some much needed things last Friday. And I thought I was done. Um, not. The kids came home today with more lists of *other* stuff to buy!!! Grrrrr! And what pisses me off in a MAJOR way is that Raegan's teacher told her she NEEDED to buy the school's dang homework notebook! But from experience, it was a LOUSY notebook to begin with, with the leaves coming off after a few weeks, AND it was grossly more expensive than a notebook I could buy at the bookstore! It made me soooo mad! *breathing deeply here and trying to count to 10*

Anyway, I figure the teacher was new and didn't know any better (and I was right, dang it!) I guess she was trying to impress Teacher Joy. Grrrrrr! Good thing the teachers of Rogan and Raine were a lot more reasonable, since they knew that the school's notebooks were overpriced and not that great. So anyway, I just made peace by buying Raegan the stupid notebook just so I would hear the end of it from her. Ugh. I soooo hate the few days before school starts, honestly! And each year, I vow to myself that I'd be better the next year by getting everything together waaaay early. Yeah, right! Hehehehe. Oh well.

A bright spot today, though, was when I opened my email first thing in the morning. Rina Kroes, one of my fave designers that I CT for, mentioned that I was Layout of the Day over at 3Scrapateers! WHoohooohooo!!! I got it with the page I uploaded yesterday, the Treehouse Boys one. And because it got LOTD, I figure it earned itself another spot here on my ole' blog:

Click on the image to go the 3S thread that says it got LOTD for June 15. I'm not making this up! Hehehehehe!


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