Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Losing A Day

Yup, in traveling from the States to the Philippines, we always lose a day. So, no June 2 blog post. Mom and I arrived in Manila at 4 am. Luckily, we were the first plane to arrive, ahead of the flights from San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Singapore. For some inane reason, PAL schedules all these flights to arrive in the same hour; they probably like their airport to look uber busy in the wee hours of the morning! Hmp!

Anyway, we got all 6 pieces of our luggage at once and went out. My girls and Reese picked us up---they jumped out of the van bright-eyed (for the time!) and said hi. We were at home before 5 am. Apparently, Dad had tried to stay up...and lasted until 330 am. Hehehe. Then he said he couldn't stay awake any longer and promptly fell asleep, just before the girls left La Vista. But he was soooo excited to see Mom, he could barely wait! True love!

Ate a huge breakfast in La Vista before herding the girls to go home to Abada. I couldn't wait for them to see the stuff I got them, hehehehe.

Here's the main purchase, which I kept as a surprise:

Of course, I had to get the kids an extra guitar, to avoid fighting between the siblings:

This one I had searched several Best Buy stores and several Toys R Us stores. Finally found one in Monrovia, fresh off the shelves, practically! I could have kissed the salesgirl behind the counter when she said she had just unpacked them and put them on the shelf, I was THAT excited!!!

And for a more authentic experience, I got the wheel. Rejy bought a wheel for Rogan for his brithday, while Tita B got one for Raine, and an extra one for Raegan and Ranger. I had her take back one wheel since the game I bought already had a wheel with it.

And so I sign off as the kids enjoy their new toys. I'm tired....the bed is calling me, hehehehe. And it's only 3 pm!


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