Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flower Fotos

No, I won't bore anyone silly by filling a blog post with photos of just flowers, hehehe. But I did take a TON of pics while at the Shrine....with sweat pouring literally from me! Ugh! This I do a day after I arrive from the States. From a nice, balmy, cool temperature to freakishly, heckishly HOT numbers!!! Ugh ugh and UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

Bang and I got to the Shrine a little bit past 10. With Japa's SLR in hand (of course!), we met with Sonya, our florist, who was going to set up all sorts of arrangements for the columbarium and Shrine areas. After a few minutes, we got ready to start taking photos.

I must say, Sonya's people were right on with their floral arrangements! They had all sorts of different bouquets and whatnots all ready to be arranged wherever we wanted them to be! After a couple of hours shooting, I was drenched in sweat. Disgusting. The huge fans didn't do any good at all. We didn't want to turn on the AC since we were trying to conserve electricity, but I sure wish we had turned on at least ONE! Hehehehehe.

Anyway, we finished up sweaty but happy with the way everything turned out. I haven't downloaded my pics yet, but I leave you with this lovely pic:

Have a florally good day! Hehehe.

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Zharmagne said...

Nice photo. The colors are so alive. What camera did you use for this?