Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday, Rogan!!!

Happy Birthday, Rogan!!! My baby boy is 9 years old today! How time flies! He was this not-so-little baby (my biggest!) at slightly under 8 pounds. Today, he is this larger than life character who would rather spend all day playing video games or whatever games he has on the computer rather than conversing with other people! Hehehehe. He does do his swimming, which is good, since it is his only form of exercise right now. He loves playing the guitar and absolutely gets a kick from being in the Kids' Band at school.

So today, the both of us get up REALLY early to attend the 6 am mass. I told him it was important for him to go, that it was his one unique chance to thank God for the gift of life; and what better day than for you to do this but your birthday itself? So he was a good boy and didn't complain about having to get up so early in the morning.

Right after mass, and after I had taken pics of him with the parish priest giving him his birthday blessing, Rogan said he was hungry. I expected that, hehehehe. So off we went to Pancake House to start off his birthday celebration. We called Raine who instantly said she wanted to go. Raegan begged off, probably wanting to start losing weight before school, hehehehe.

After a huge breakfast of pancakes, waffles and pan chicken, we went home. And the kids started playing Wii and Rock Band. For his birthday, Rogan asked if he could have Nathan and Kiel over for the whole day. I told him he could, but only until 330 pm as they had training at 4. The boys had a blast the whole time. I told the girls to leave them alone, to avoid any fighting going on.

For some inane reason, just when all the boys are concentrating on a certain toy, that's when the girls will decide that that's what they want to play with, too! And vice versa!!! Sheesh! Gives me a headache all the time.

Lunch was a simple call to Pizza Hut, hehehehe. I just LOVE not spending so much money on celebrations!

As it turned out, it rained super duper hard, and the kids didn't have training at all! Oh well. We congregated next at Sweet Inspiration for some Mongolian buffet, yay!!! La Vista and Ayala families were there, and we embarrassed Rogan when we sang a really loud birthday song for him, hehehe. Not that he cared one way or the other. All he wanted was that chocolate cake!

And to top off the perfect day for him, he opened his gifts and gave out a long yell when he started opening the gifts of Dic and Lai: it was a total of 96 mini Pokemon figures! His night---his WHOLE day---was perfect, indeed! :)

While the boys were busying themselves with video games, I scrapped:



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Elizza said...

Happy Happy Bday, Rogan! We LOVE you! From: Daddy and Mommy and Robyn