Thursday, June 12, 2008

Philippine Independence Day

Today should have been the REAL holiday. See a couple of posts down why it isn't. Still gets me every time!

Anyway, it was Ranger's FIRST day of school today! He starts in the Junior level and he was pretty excited to go! He had a new bag, and a new container for his rice and baon for recess. He was up bright and early and was talking a mile a minute when he entered the room to greet us good morning.

I sent the camera with Kocet to take pics of him. Call it age, I don't know---maybe my bad back? But I was in no mood to get up so early just to take photos of him at school. :) Hmmmm....laziness? Hehehehe. I figured the yaya can take pics because she knows how to operate the camera anyhow. Both the non-SLR AND the SLR. So major whew (!) moment because there's at least someone else who can take photos of the kids! Sure, they won't always be perfect photos, but hey, that's what Photoshop is there for, right? Hehehe.

Absolutely no time to scrap today, but we did have our very first practice for the Ruby Anniversary celebration! We had a couple of choreographers come to the La Vista. Mom and Dad took Lola to China for her birthday (along with Rod and Zhar), so we had the house all to ourselves!

There was a lot of us, and the BEST part was that we actually FINISHED and nearly perfected (nearly!!!) the Finale for the entire program! Can anyone say "fast learners"???? Not a small feat, considering we had the kids, some office angels and a mix-and-match bunch of other relatives! Hehehehe. But it was fun, and boy, did we work up a sweat as we literally danced the night away....well, all 3 hours of practice time, anyway!

Thank goodness I had a girdle on. Yes, I was plastered with sweat, but it was the ONLY thing that was holding my lower back together all throughout the entire practice!!! When I took it off at home to take a shower, I almost crumpled from the sheer pain of it Ugh!

Anyway, before signing off, I just want to announce to the entire world how much of a NERD I am: (all for a Sweet Rewards Point over at SSD)

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