Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy 89th Birthday, Lola Nene!!!

Lola Nene is a young 89 today! And looking at this picture from earlier in the year, she still looks glamorous as ever! Can you tell I'm so lazy to even edit and crop pics for my post? Hehehe. But you get the picture :)

Anyway, we're not celebrating with Lola today because she is in China with Mom, Dad, Rod and Zhar. It was always her wish to go to China and she didn't want the trip moved at all, despite the fact that Mom said it was going to be sweltering hot!

I *was* going to go, but it was a good thing I decided against it ---because I didn't want to miss the kids' competition and their first day of school--- because my back has been hurting recently. I don't think I'd be able to last all the touring they have scheduled for the entire trip. Not on this back right now!

The kids had their first day of the 1st Chairman's Long Course Swimming Competition today at Celebrity. Egad! What a day! What a loooooong day! Hehehehe. It was filled with action, though, and the kids did well in general.

Let's see if I can go through their times. I have them written down in the souvenir programme....

100m Free
Rogan - 1:28.84, chopping off a full 10 seconds off his time! 3rd in his heat, fastest heat of B division
Raegan - 1:31.34, faster from her seed time of 1:38, 4th in her heat, fastest heat of B division
Raine - 1:46.37, slower than her seed time of 1:39, 5th in her heat. She did beat the other 7 year old in the same heat but was still slower than 3 other 8 year olds. A division
50m Back
Reese - 0:49.8 (0:46.90), 8th in her heat, the fastest heat in the B division
Rogan - 1:12.88 (0:56.70), 4th in his heat, fastest heat in the B division
Raegan - 0:47.09 (0:49.00), 5th in her heat, fastest heat in the A division
Raine - 1:09.34 (0:52.00), last in her heat (I think), A division

50m Breast
Reese - 0:56.17 (0:55.30), 3rd fastest heat in the B division
Rogan - 0:53.61 (0:56.80), 2nd fastest heat in the A division
Raegan - 0:51.40 (0:55.30), fastest heat in the A division
Raine - 0:57.32 (0:59.00), fastest heat in the A division

4x50m Relay (Free)

The girls - Reese, Raegan, Raine and Danelle - came in 4th (last), only 3 second away from third place. They did well, considering that Raine had just finished her 50m breast race not a half hour earlier! They were 8 seconds away from first placer (and rival) Quezon City Sports Club, who they almost always meet in their sort of regular tri-meets.
Final standings for today's races:
100m Free
Rogan - 3rd place out of 20, division B
Raegan - 4th place out of 15, division B
Raine - 5th place out of 5, division A

50m Back
Reese - 21st out of 32, division B
R0gan - 14th out of 16, division B
Raegan - 5th out of 10, division A
Raine - 10th out of 17, division A

50m Breast
Reese - 27th out of 32, division B
R0gan - 16th out of 22, division A
Raegan - 4th out of 10, division A
Raine - 2nd out of 10, division A
Whew! What a looooong and hooooooot day!!! And with soooo much waiting time in between events! Ugh! Tomorrow, methinks I will bring my laptop so I can scrap in between races! I did spot some sockets so I'm sure I can plug in my Mac somewhere sometime tomorrow, hehehehe.

Yup, this is a PERFECT cap to this long, HOT summer---a swim meet! I think without fail, for the past couple of years we haven't gone abroad for vacation, we've always spent in and by the pool...the kids training, and once or twice per summer, we have swim meets! Sure, we go swimming too, but that's nothing compared to what the kids do all summer long: swim, swim, swim! No amusement parks, some video games over at Time Zone, but more often than not it's swim, swim, swim! Hehehehe. Swimming time overtakes watching movies, playing the DS, the Rock Band and Mario Kart any time, any day! :)

Am exhausted....and I didn't even race! My back is killing me, and I just about felt my entire torso collapse when I took out my girdle which, apparently, was pretty much the only thing that was holding my lower back together! Time for some Tylenol!

But first, I scrapped one page today :)


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whatkatiedid said...

Awww, well done to your kiddies! Sounds like they had a great time! I hope your back feels better soon.

Beautiful layout by the way!!