Thursday, June 19, 2008

Productive Day!!!

I went to Makati Shangri La to make a down payment for the anniversary celebration next month. Apparently, it's the second down payment of P100,000, the first done by Rondic sometime last month. So no need to panic, brothers and sisters, it really was scheduled! Mom of course, panicked, calling me later in the afternoon when she found out I had made a down payment....she said that Rondic had already made a down payment and was wondering why I was making another one. Anyhoo, I ruffled her feathers and told her there was a schedule of payments to be done before the big day :)

On the way back, instead of going to the office, I decided spur-of-the-moment like, to do wedding stuff. So I went straight to Blue Ridge to make a last-ditch effort to find Mom's original wedding dress. Sadly, it was nowhere to be found......although I did find some vintage dresses that the girls may use (if it fit!) for Zhar's soltera in August. So I snagged a yellow short dress to take home and see who will fit in it.

The find for the day, however, was Mom and Dad's *original* wedding album!!! It was bunched in with the wedding albums of all of Lolo and Lola's children. I was almost dancing for joy---and Mayang, Tito Rey's maid, was just looking at me like I was crazy, hehehehe.

So from Blue Ridge, on the way home, I stopped at Kodak to see if they had the equipment to scan these small slides that Mom unearthed at Polaris. These slides were of their wedding, almost 40 years ago. The problem with them was that the slides were all cut up into these tiny, less-than-an-inch size, so none of the commercial photo labs would take them to scan them in. I did try to do it myself on a scanner, but it would take too long. So I stopped at the Kodak lab, just in case.

And lo and behold, they said they could do it!!! At 3 times the price. Grrrr. But hey, at least they did everything in a day, and I asked the driver to pick up the slides and the CD containing the scans a few hours later!

So whoohoohooo!!!! A productive day, indeed! I think I've got most everything I'll be needing to make an album or 2 or 3 for the anniversary......just the scans of the original album left!!!

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