Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Recovering from Jet Lag

Ok, TRYING to recover from jet lag. I totally missed dinner last night, going to bed at 4 pm. And I woke up at 130 am, hehehehe. When I woke up, it was computer time for me, surfing some scrapbooking sites and mainly playing some games on Facebook. At least it was productive, sort of, as I brought my score in Scramble to first place. :)

I *was* planning to attend the first Wednesday mass at the office today....but at around 930, I was super duper sleepy and I told myself I'd rest a bit. And I woke up past 11 am. Mass was at 12, so I figured by the time I got showered and dressed, it was too late.

Instead, I spent a wonderfully nice and normal day at home with the kids. We all played Rock Band and enjoyed every single minute of it! Hehehehe. This was one of the BEST purchases ever ever ever, that's for sure! Totally worth it, especially in the spending-time-with-the-kids department!

I also put out the Time Capsule and Mac Mini that Japa had had bought. I figure that if I ended up sleeping really early again tonight, at least he'd be able to hook everything up when he got home. I'm hoping we have enough ram in our computers (desktops and laptops) to be able to handle all the networking that will be going on in our home. Japa had gotten rid of the PC stuff, wanting to concentrate on the Macintosh line. Expensive yes, but they look pretty cool, especially laid out in a line on the desks.

Desperately trying to scrap, but mojo has escaped me. So I settled in bed and surfed for inspiration. Hopefully, that will help jumpstart my creative juices. Soon. Very soon! I owe my CTs soooo much layouts, it's not even funny! Sure, I have time to do it I know, but I don't like having to feel the pressure to *have* to produce layouts. I like to enjoy the creative flow and I don't want to force that just so I can churn out a page or 2 or a few. Besides, those forced pages just won't look good :) Hmmm....I guess I am an artist with a few eccentric behaviors, hehehe.

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