Sunday, June 08, 2008

Early Breakfast and Then Some

Again. It's been a loooong while since we've had breakfast early in the morning! We went to mass at 8 am at Pentecost, then decided to go to Sweet Inspirations. Raegan had slept over at La Vista, so we had her woken up to ask if she wanted to meet us for breakfast. Of course she did! Hehehe.

Ahhh....garlic fried rice, scrambled eggs, tapa, beefsteak, adobo, arroz caldo, puto bungbung and bibingka. Yummmm! I've noticed that my appetite isn't as big as it used to be (thank goodness!) and I didn't actually gorge myself on the yumminess spread out on the buffet table, but it sure felt good to eat! :)

Probably it's because I hadn't had my appetite suppressant medicine at the time, hehehe. The stuff works, and I take it twice a day. If I wanted to, I guess I could NOT eat if I followed my stomach. Of course, it would be easier (albeit, a lot more dangerous in general) if we could get Phentermine no prescription, yes? I mean, for my meds, I couldn't just buy it over the counter; Mercury Drug surprisingly required me to have a prescription from my doctor! Oh well. It *is* good in a way, that they require this, just so people don't abuse medicines in general.

After breakfast, we had a few hours to hang out before Bang was calling us for our weekly family lunch, hehehehe. This week we went to Cafe Bola in Greenbelt 3. It wasn't a big restaurant, and our entire family probably took up a third of the space. Cafe Bola was kind of like a sosy World Topps place; toppings and rice. Boydee must have ordered something like FOUR different plates/bowls....for him, although he said it was for "sharing". hehehehe. It was surprisingly not that expensive, considering it was in the Makati area.

So, stuffed yet again, we rolled on out of the restaurant and window shopped a little bit at the Mac Studio in the mall. Mom got a hard plastic casing for her Mac Air and was happy that she found protective covering for her itsy bitsy laptop! :)

We *were* going to take the kids out to see Prince Caspian, but we were all feeling so drowsy after two huge meals, so we just hung out at home until we fel l asleep, hehehe.

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