Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Wii Craze

Well, we have the Wii. Got that at Philadelphia last year. Had to be at an out-of-the way place just so we could get our hands on a unit.

Today, I was up bright and early to line up at Best Buy to be one of the first ones to buy the Wii Fit. Yup. I was #11, and yes, I bought one. I practically threw that one in the back of the trunk and rushed to the nearby Toys R Us to get Mom one. God forbid I should come home with just the ONE unit!!! Hehehehe.

And luckily, I managed to squeeze by with 2 other units left!!! I was 3rd to the last to be given a Wii Fit Board! Whew! The accessories will have to come later in the weekend when the sales are ongoing and I can get a percentage off of them.

But hey, I'm happy, and Mom's happy.....despite the fact that she doesn't even know what the Wii Fit board does! Hehehehe. But it should be a good jumpstart to an exercise routine right???

Basta, all I know is, I'm proud to have one of these little buggers in my possession!!!

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Katie said...

We got one too and we are having so much fun! We like the hula hoops :)