Friday, May 09, 2008

The Surprise Party That Wasn't

Well, it started out with good intentions, I guess. Zhar really really wanted to give Rod the surprise party that he had been hinting about, hehehehe. So she decided to give him one. The only thing was, Rod sort of guessed it....because of Zhar!!!

Let's see what the dead giveaways were:

1. Zhar dressed up nice and pretty to watch a movie. We're talking a nice sort of almost-formal watch a movie!!! Rod pretty much suspected what was up the instant he saw her!

2. Zhar suddenly decided that they were going to stop at a spa (on the way home to supposedly have dinner with Mom and Dad) and have a quick back massage. Ooookay. Hehehehe. Rod KKNEW something was up!

3. When they pulled up at the front door of La Vista, it pretty much confirmed to Rod that there was a surprise for him.....they usually enter through the kitchen!

Oh well. I do think he was surprised to see who showed up at his surprise-that-wasn't-really-a-surprise-party, hehehehe. We had good numbers, we had taken care to have all the cars parked away from the gate, the tables and chairs were set well away from the front door, and everyone hid out in the formal dining room. When Rod set foot inside the foyer, everyone yelled surprise and sang the birthday song. So yes, there *was* some surprise on Rod's face...for all that he tried to hide it! Hmp!

I scrapped, too:

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