Saturday, May 10, 2008

Marathons...of Sorts

Marathon 1: Pentecost Fun Run

We got up bright and early to do a fun run organized by our parish church. We were outside the church a little bit before 7 am to register for the 3k fun run, get our numbers and stretch. I told the kids that I was NOT going to be walking, so they better not start walking super duper slow either, otherwise I'd lose sight of them.

Japa, we all assumed, would be running out in the front for time. Just because. And he did. The kids and I started out at the back of the pack and pretty much stayed there throughout the run, hehehehe. However, if you know me, you know that I had NO intention of coming in last ever at anything if I can help it. So even though I was pushing Rogan and Raine to run run RUN faster, I was telling myself NOT to stop and walk like they were. I did want to finish the whole thing in less than half an hour!

I did stop and turn back towards where Rogan and Raine were just so I wouldn't lose sight of them once we turned onto a busy street. Raegan passed me, but I had to make sure the other two were nearby before I ran after Raegan to finish the race. I passed Raegan and made a respectable time of 20:21 (I think, if I recall correctly). Raegan came in after 10 seconds or so while Raine and Rogan stumbled across the finish line past the 21 minute mark.

And Japa being Japa, he scolded Rogan and Raine for walking most of the way. Sigh. I still maintain they didn't walk most of the way. Maybe half. Hehehehe. They'll get better I'm sure! And the best part is, I did get some much needed exercise! Sure, it had to take the whole family to ensure that I did my part, but it worked!!! :)

Marathon 2: Scrap, scrap and scrap.

Why? For one reason and one reason alone: it's Mother's Day tomorrow!!! I can't post yet what I did for the moms in the family, because that will spoil the surprise, but it is going to be a great one! In a small way, hehehehe. I'm just glad I kind of coerced Japa into taking the kids to the pediatrician for some vaccine shots and wellness check ups. That would've taken me the whole afternoon, for sure!

As it is, I'm *still* scrapping and printing away here!

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