Sunday, May 25, 2008

Home to LA....for good. At Least, for this Trip!

Yes, we finally went home to Polaris. We had to leave the BMW at the dealer's in Vegas because the engine was just conking out. There was absolutely NO power even with the gas pedal floored. Both Roc and I felt it and Roc drove the car straight to the dealer's when we arrived. They said that it was a wonder that we ---and the car!--- were still in one piece!

Anyhoo, the dealer said the car was going to be ready on Tuesday (or Wednesday) since Monday was a holiday. Good thing Randy and Stella were planning on staying an extra day or two anyway in Vegas to help Tita Ingrid and Noj settle in their new house. Soooo....just Mom, Tita B, Roc and I went home.

Of course, we had to stop at some dimsum place for lunch. Quite authentic, if I may say so, with all the Chinese in there! Authentic = msg galore I'm sure, as I started to feel my head pound a few minutes after lunch. Oh well. Good thing Roc was driving.

We had decided to do lunch first instead of going to mass first thing. And so we had to rush a bit to get to Mass at St Joseph's in Barstow where they were featuring a Life-Teen Mass. It was quite an experience. Almost all the attendees were young people, although some did have their parents. The priest knew all of them by name practically, and the homily was a short skit by some teens, as they interpreted the day's Gospel. Pretty cool, I thought!

Also, the priest invited everyone present (about 30 or so of us) to gather around the altar for the consecration. It was very uplifting to be in the presence of the Body and Blood that close! The teens helped serve the host and wine, they did the music, and everyone danced and clapped during the finaly hymn. I told Mom that I would take the kids here someday so that they could see for themselves. Rogan was the first person I thought of when I witnessed these teens during Mass. :) I think he would fit very well in this environment!

The best part about these teens was that they were totally NOT self-conscious about singing, clapping, dancing, reciting from the Bible during the whole Mass. They were themselves. It was very refreshing to see something like this, and it would be great if it could be emulated in other places as well.

After a scrumptious dinner at some seafood restaurant in Victoria Gardens, we finally arrived home at around 930 pm. It's not even midnight yet and I am about ready to drop!

Good night and TTFN!

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