Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Vegas

Yes, we're back in Vegas...after a few days. You would think it was just the next county over, hehehehe! But the Van Gogh house has been keeping us busy, and we're finishing up "shopping" for the options to complete everything. I never knew that everything was so detailed and time-consuming! Sheesh!

But it is going to be a great neighborhood for sure, complete with pools and schools and parks with slides and swing sets for the kids, as well as 22 miles worth of trails for biking, running and walking. Awesome concept, I think.

We're staying at the Mandalay, Tita B's home away from home hehehehe. Royal treatment as we get the 2-bedroom suite for all of us. After our visit at the Options Studio that included electrical and flooring discussions, we gladly had dinner at The Noodle House. After some so-so Chinese food (remember, I'm NOT a big fan), Mom and I trooped back up to the room to finish up some costings to see if we would come within budget.

And we....did.....not. We went over by about $2k withOUT appliances. We were trying to include everything in, but for the life of me, I could NOT figure out where we could take out some expenses! There are some options that we can do without, but we will have to discuss some at length tomorrow when we meet with the consultant.

With that, it's time for bed as we prepare for an exhausting day tomorrow at the Options Studio!


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