Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Day Today

It'll be a super duper busy day today. Schedule is *filled*!!! We have an appointment with an Options consultant at 930 am tomorrow to do the Van Gogh and the Townhouse options. Then we'll probably have a quick lunch to make our 1 pm appointment for the flooring of either unit. And that's probably going to take a bit of time as we discuss sooooo many alternatives out there!

We're still trying to convince Mom that we can do the flooring ourselves --- yes, install it ourselves. Randy and I looked at some instructions online as to installing floating tongue-and-groove planks and it does NOT look hard at all! And that would save us at LEAST $4,000!!! But dear mother would rather not have her house looking shabby and second rate and oh-so-unprofessionally done *roll eyes here* by her children, hehehehe. In short, she doesn't think we can do it!!!!! Hmp!

While we're at the Studio, Tita B is probably going to be merrily gambling away while Roc and Stella will don their swimsuits and enjoy the day at the pool or at the spa. Then at night, it'll be spent watching either the Lakers-Spurs game OR a concert with Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban and others, depending if Tita B can get at least an extra ticket or not. If she doesn't, I can always watch the game :) No biggie. But I *would* love to go to the concert of course! Hehehehe. Who wouldn't!

And that's going to be our day today, and this my post for the day. :) Have a good one!

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