Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Shower for Stella and Randy

Ahhhhh! What a day! I can't believe how successful it was....considering it took less than a week to prepare! Hehehehe. That included calling people, arranging the food, doing the souvenirs, decorating the outside, and preparing for the games! Whoohoohoo!!!

I wish I had pics to show, but everything is in Randy's camera. Which, by the way, he almost forgot to charge!!! hehehe. Good thing he's got a pushy big sister to remind him, huh?

Roc and I went to the office bright and early. Me to print out shower games, her to put her Lean Cuisine boxes in the freezer :) While I was finishing up, and doing an Options Summary for the Townhouse, Roc went ahead to the grocery to buy some drinks.

Meanwhile, Randy went with Mom to buy some steaks. Yes, despite the fact that we already had TOO much food, dear mother didn't want to run out of food! Sigh, sigh and triple sigh! It's how she is.

So we get home, and we all help Rejy and Tita B with the decorations. It's been a loooong time since we did something like this, so we were going slow in the beginning. The boys were helpful in doing most of the hanging-from-high-places stuff, so we were done in no time at all. Enough time for most of us to take showers.

I did the rest of the games preparations afterwards. Like filling bottles with soda, preparing the plates for the food-tasting game, getting clothes for the baby bears that were going to be used for dress up, etc etc etc.

All in all, the shower was a success! Food was courtesy of BJs, where we ordered this $185 menu option, along with extra buffalo wings, spring rolls, and a couple of their famous pizzookie. Yum yum! Mom cooked some white fish and served that. Thank GOD she held off on cooking the steaks----she FINALLY realized that our buffet table was bending from the weight of all the food on it!!!

Despite the fact that none of us except Mom knew how to cook, this was an EASY party to set up. Why? Mainly because we ordered out, hehehehe. Mom just felt COMPELLED to add some personal touch to the menu, which was why she was cooking an hour or so before everyone arrived! Sigh! The only glitch we had throughout the preparations was when Mom caught us tying a rolling cart to one of the posts. Since the ground was a bit uneven, we didn't want this cart that was going to hold ALL the drinks to be rolling off somewhere. So she freaked out and asked where the wrought iron cart was which we normally used for drinks during parties. Randy and Roc looked at each and I KNEW that they had sold this!!! Hehehehehe.

So we told Mom that that cart was gone and before she went all apoplexy on us, Randy was quick enough to spy a matching wrought iron table that we could use for the drinks! Hahahahaha! Whew! That was a disaster averted, for sure!

Here are some of the shower game sheets we used (just so I won't have a picture-less post, ya know!)

To Randy and Stella, congratulations on the impending arrival of Baby Tyler!!! Can't wait to see the new addition to the family very soon!!!

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