Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yup. I was a filing clerk today :) We all went to the office and spent the entire day there. I busied myself with filing everything about the Inspirada homes we had all purchased this month. Everything went in it's place in a binder. Folders, staples, punchers, and sheet protectors were my best friends today, hehehehe. I had a medium-sized conference table all to myself where I spread out all the documents and separated them into their respective piles: Rembrandt 1918, Rembrandt 1980 and the Van Gogh.

We did have a little bit of excitement though, as ADT called the office saying that our house alarm had gone off. After making sure that it wasn't Hermie or the kids who had accidentally triggered it, Roc and I rushed home to check whether everything was ok. The house didn't seem to be disturbed, everything was in it's proper order. The windows to the sun room were left open, and apparently, a change in temperature *can* trigger the alarm! Either that or maybe a huge bird of some sort had soared right in front of the windows, triggering the motion sensors. Oh well. We locked up the rest of the house and armed the system.

We arrived home just in time to watch the Lakers-Spurs basketball game. The series was 2-1 in favor of the Lakers and they were playing their second game in San Antonio. They led by 16 at one point but watched that dwindle down to only a couple of points. Good thing they had their act together until the end, squeaking by with a 2-point win! Sheesh! But hey, a win is a win is a win! :)

Next game is on Thursday, I think, and they'll be back in LA. Crossing my fingers they finish off this series then!

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