Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last Minute Travel

Well, Mom did it again----deciding at pretty much the VERY last minute to go to the States. And of course, I did everything I could to get myself on that plane with her, hehehehe! So after going to the office first thing in the morning to do some interviews of potential employees, I hurriedly went home and started throwing clothes on the bed. While I took a shower and got dressed, I had Shirley put everything in the suitcase.

The good part about having large suitcases is that I have no problem packing stuff in it! In went my toiletries, some gift items, pants, shirts, blouses, a pashmina, and 3 pairs of shoes. And that's with room to spare! I've used some cheap suitcases ---especially those on sale---but Samsonite and Delsey have proven their worth. One of the twins stand by Swiss Army as well, so I have to give that a try, but hey, suitcases are an investment.....I've learned that with all the traveling we've done.

So anyway, I get dressed, put on make up, have my suitcase loaded onto the car and off I went to La Vista to say bye to Dad and the kids (the kids went straight there from swimming training). An hour later, Mom and I were off to the airport, with Dad in tow to maximize his time with mom. Awwwwwww....I know :)

The best part about traveling with Mom is that we always always ALWAYS travel in style. That means, at the very least, business class tickets and staying at some of the finest hotels. Hehehehe. It's a good thing to be her daughter, eh, sisterhood? *wink wink*

Conversely, the not-so-great part about traveling with mom is that most everything is at the last minute, hahahahaha! You've got to be ready to drop everything at a word just to be able to go with her. And with 4 kids, a household to run, and work, that's not an easy thing. Good thing I've enrolled the kids and Japa had already taken them to the pediatrician. I didn't have time to do laundry though, but Japa can do that.....although the kids won't have much junk food at all when he does the grocery, hehehehe.

Ok, gotta go! Flight being called! I'll be back to "talk" when I'm in the States next!

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Kim said...

Wow, you're just a globetrotter, Rona! Have a wonderful trip and take tons of pics!

You've been tagged - check out my blog for the rules! Hugs 'n love!