Monday, May 05, 2008

A Loooong Day

It was a loooong day today, mainly because I've been operating and moving zombie-like with only 3 hours of sleep!!! Ugh! For some reason, I could NOT sleep last night.....yes, I was watching Las Vegas but that wasn't enough to keep me up, really! When I felt the first vestiges of sleep coming, I immediately turned off the tv and closed my eyes. Sigh! Oh well.

We were up early for our weekly Columbarium meeting at MVC. And with no agenda, we thought we were going to have a short meeting. Um, nope. Mom was there, and with her and Boydee discussing in their endless debating style, it was FOREVER before we were able to leave!!! All talk of setting up new companies, management contracts, interior designing, furnishing the new offices, job descriptions, adjusting vault locations due to the widening of some fiberglass columns and org charts didn't help me fight off sleep at all! I could NOT wait for that meeting to end, I swear!!! But we finally ended going home at about 3 pm, and I just lay in bed for a couple of hours trying to sleep. In vain.

Oh well. I guess I'm recovering from NSD, hehehe. I did scrap over the weekend, finishing up pages for The Sisterhood Challenge:


The boys' pages will have to wait. I don't think I can scrap today, hehehe.

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