Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Day at the Office

Yessirree....we spent another full day at the office. Mom was doing accounting stuff while I finished up prettying the Inspirada files, complete with a full costing of all options that we took, broken down per room.

For dinner, the 4 of us ladies --- Mom, Tita B, Roc and I --- drove to Brand looking for this Italian restaurant that we wanted to try before actually ordering food for Stella's shower. But after 2 passes of the building, still no Milano's to be found. So......Roc suggested Armenian food. YUM!!! It was right on Brand, too, so it was easy going there.

The place is called Bacara and it was just delicioso!!! I had the combination chicken breast (almost like Barg) and chicken kubideh. And I scarfed down everything, including most of the rice! Man oh man oh man!!! Diet down the drain I think! hehehehe. But it was sooooo good! There was a very very slight bite to the garlic sauce, and my canker sore wasn't too happy, but my tummy sure was! We were all full by the end of the meal!

Time to go home to clear off the floor area in the room, as per mother dear's orders. Hermie and company are coming over to clean the entire house and Mom doesn't want anything on the carpeted areas so that the Sebo vacuums can just suck all the dirt from the carpet. So that's what I'm going to do tonight!


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