Saturday, May 24, 2008

Concert of All Concerts

The concert was such such SUCH a treat!!! Titled David Foster and friends, I honestly had NO idea who David Foster is, hehehehe. Do you??? All I knew was that I was in my seat, waiting to hear Michael Buble, Katharine McPhee, Peter Cetera, Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. McPhee was the only person I *didn't* know, but all the rest, I was all ears to hear them in person!

So. Imagine our surprise when not only did we witness the following sing live:
1. Josh Groban
2. Andrea Bocelli
3. Michael Buble
4. Peter Cetera
5. Katharine McPhee
we *ALSO* enjoyed the performances of the following (not sure if I'm even naming them all):
6. Babyface
7. Brian McKnight
8. Renee Olstead
9. Charice Pempengko ---> yup, the latest Pinoy singing sensation
10. William Joseph - an awesome piano player
11. some country singer who Roc adored
12. some famous guy who brought and sang with his brother
13. some impromptu performance by a guy who sang "Wrap those chocolate legs around me" or something like that
14. Kenny G
Hehehehehe. Is it obvious that I really don't know these singers? There was just a TON of celebs onstage, it was unbelievable! There were even some prerecorded messages from Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, to name a few.

I finally found out that David Foster was this huge songwriter, pianist and performer---music producer--- who wrote thousands of well-known songs! Who would have thought eh? I certainly didn't know who he was, hehehe.

Anyhoo, my faves were of course Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. I really went to see them. Bocelli received an almost instant standing ovation when he came onstage. He has presence, that man. A beautiful voice, powerful and moving. Mom was quite weepy when he sang The Prayer with Katharine McPhee, hehehehe. Totally expected. :) Bocelli closed the first half with a bang, that's for sure. Everyone was raving about him at intermission.

But the BIGGEST hit of the night came in the diminutive form of Mistress Charisse Pempengko of the Philippines. This powerful-voice wonder came in belting Whitney Houston's "I Will Alway Love You". She had this huuuuuuge voice coming out of her and people were just agog; the whole place was virtually silent as everyone listened to Charice. After the last note died down, she was given a standing ovation. Instant standing ovation! Whoa!!! Yes, her voice made that much of an impact. Not only did she get the standing ovation for her first song, she got ovations as well during her second, and her impromptu-third song! How cool is that for this little wonder!!!

It was a long 4-hour concert since it was being taped for a PBS special, but it was just an awesome treat to be able to sit and listen to all these great performers!

Thank you Tita B!!! :)


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