Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy {Inter} National Scrapbooking Day!!!

Whoohoohoo!! Yes, I'm afraid there's still a little bit more shopping that I want to do, hehehehe. We ended up not going to mass yesterday evening, so our morning was spent getting up late (we were watching Las Vegas until late last night), getting ready for mass, and going to mass. So I know I totally missed a whole lot of NSD fun, but then again, with the time difference and everything, I'm not sure what I missed, LOL!

So here's what I got over at Sophia Sarducci's:

My goal is to get her entire On Vacation Series a little piece at a time, depending on her sales :) I figure with the ton of Disney photos I've got, it's going to be worth it! I also got the grab bags from Sophia, Antonia and Patrizia. Lots of goodies, and yes I'm *still* downloading the last part of my On Vacation series as I type this!

Ok, I'm off to see whatever deals I can still get.....AND *SCRAP* at the same time!!!

TTFN and I hope everyone had an awesome NSD today!

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