Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Randy and Rodney!!!

Ok, Rodney this time zone :) Randy gets his turn tomorrow our time!

Rodney arrived from the States early this morning. And Zhar CALLED me at the ungodly hour of 630 AM!!! Normally, this wouldn't have fazed me, but I have been sleeping very late the past few weeks, so 630 am was super duper early. Anyway, she called to let us know that her and Rod were on their way to breakfast at Edsa Shang. I told her that Japa and I probably wouldn't be able to make it since we were still in bed.

After TEN minutes, she calls AGAIN. Hehehehe. She said Mom and Dad (!!!) were going to breakfast......and I said ummmmm.....I think we'll pass since Japa was still asleep. Since I was ALREADY up, I decided to take a shower....I had just gotten out when Lai texted and said her and Dic were on their way and so were Boydee and Bang with Mom and Dad.

Can you tell that this family will NOT STOP EATING?!?!?!?! And they'll drag each and every member into every eating occasion there is! So fine. I wake up Japa and tell him that we've GOT to go since we're the only ones that were going to be left behind. Sigh.

So we get dressed and are on our way. Mom texts me to ask WHY we weren't at breakfast and how surprised she was that we were actually missing a meal! Hehehehe. I called her to tell her we were on our way and that of COURSE we were NOT going to miss a buffet! :) Then I find out that Boydee and Bang weren't there!!!

And of COURSE I had to call Bang! I asked her why they weren't at breakfast. She said Boydee had a meeting at the office, and that she was going to have her McDonald's breakfast there. Ummm.....yeah. I told her to chuck that breakfast to the drivers and to get dropped off at Edsa Shang so that we can ALL enjoy a wonderful leisurely breakfast with the family.

And we did. But we sure missed you, Randy and Stella!!! Wish you had been there!


After breakfast, we all went our separate ways. Literally. With the number of cars we had between us, I almost wasn't able to catch a ride going home! Sheesh! I squeezed myself in with the lovebirds since Rod was going to take a shower at home. Whew! Otherwise, I wouldn't have known what to do with myself! And I didn't have my laptop with me to boot, so there was no way I was going to the office without my baby mac-mac!!! :)

I spent the rest of the day at La Vista.....waiting for Tita Nonie to arrive for lunch since she was bringing lechon from Cebu. The kids waited for her oh-so-patiently (ok, not so much towards the end, hehehehe) so that they could sink their teeth into the REAL Cebu lechon! :)

With all the eating we've been doing, it was great timing that Dr Mitch had given me my Duromine yesterday! Yeah! At least it curbed my appetite by a LOT, so I know I didn't eat as much as I could have, hehehehe. I don't mind drinking the meds, just as long as they work for me. But I'm careful with the dosage of course; I don't want to end up in drug rehab you know!

You would think all these gluttony would end.....oh no no no no!! There was still dinner to consider!!! Hahahahahaha! I didn't leave La Vista since I had to download stuff for scrapping. And I DID scrap, finally finishing the 4th month of all the kids, with these pages for Ranger:

Yup, two pages in one afternoon! Yay me!

For dinner, we went to Choi in Annapolis. Chinese. Ugh. Again, thank goodness for my meds, I didn't eat as much so it was ok :)

Yes, gluttony is a sin. And our family seems to love indulging in this guilty pleasure whenever we can. Hard to stop really, despite the diabetes, the asthma, the obesity......hehehehe. Hey, it's FUN to EAT!!!


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