Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Yes, it's been quite a productive day! Lai and I were up early to go to jology Cubao to the PAL ticketing office. Today was the last day of the half-miles promo so off course we joined the rest of the Philippine population who decided to do everything at the very LAST minute!!! Sigh! When will we ever learn?!?!? But then again, I guess having a huge family, tuitions to pay and budgeting constraints really don't allow us to make sudden, spur-of-the moment decisions. Sort of. Hehehe.

Check out Mickey in his chinese costume.....yup, we're going to Hong Kong Disneyland!!! Obviously, if we had a choice we'd be going to Anaheim or to Orlando, but hey, beggars can't be choosers eh? Besides, the ONLY available dates we were able to get is in September.....and the kids have school. As it is, we're pulling them from their schools for 2 days only since we're going over the weekend. Not too bad, actually. Now, we need to pray that the dates of our trip don't hit their first quarter exams!!! Hehehehehe.

Now, all that needs to be done is budgeting for food and maybe a little bit of souvenir shopping at the park. Hotel and transportation, too. Admission tickets. Sheesh! The costs are going to start adding up!!! Yowzer! But I can't wait to have character breakfasts with the kids; I'm pretty sure most of our meals will be buffet-style, so at least the kids will be happy. Not to mention totally satiated each and every single day of our trip!!! Hahaahaaha!

The scrapper in me is uber excited of course. I'm going to start stalking Sophia Sarducci's On Vacation series for page possibilities, hehehehe. And you KNOW that there are going to be TONS of pictures being taken because I *MUST MUST MUST* have a whole album for this experience!!! Can you imagine the kids' eyes rolling in their sockets now? hehehehehe. Not only the kids, actually. The men are going to DIE from all the photo opps Lai and I are going to make up for our albums!!!! *rubbing hands evilly* I canNOT wait!!!

After that full morning, we had a first Wednesday mass at the office. I stayed for a few minutes after lunch, then went to see Dr Mitch to get another leptin shot. I lost a total of 3 pounds (despite the heavy lunch I had just eaten!!!) and a half inch here and there, and an inch or so here and there!!! COOOOOOOL!!!

Productivity, I tell you!

And yes, to top it all off, I scrapped a page :)


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