Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interviewing People

We're setting up a new company, and we need people to hire people. I had to rush interviews, i.e., squeeze most of them in today at the last minute, because I'm leaving for the States in a couple of days. And so the whoooooole day was spent interviewing people and writing up summary reports for all of them so that Boydee could just go through them and pick who he thought was going to be ok for the position.

Not easy, interviewing people. I still maintain it helps if you have a psychology degree; different people will definitely give off different vibes, and there are different ways to address them! I got some tough, no-nonsense individuals to some needy and totally nervous applicants! And everything in between of course! It's hard trying to narrow everyone down, but I think I was pretty ruthless....but fair :) I did give everyone a chance to make an impression, and I did my good job for the day, too: I actually called the site office and told them to keep on call the name of a person who could do some maintenance work because he needed a job. I also forwarded a resume of someone who couldn't particularly fit into any of our open positions.

So yeah, interviewing isn't all that easy. It's still a lot of scribbling notes and dealing and talking with people. Who would have though I'd be a people-person eh?

I'm squeezing in these pages before I have to leave:


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