Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yup, it's that special day for moms all over the world. And of course we celebrated in style! We ate at HEAT at Edsa Shangri La where they had their usual Carnival Sunday buffet....for P1,600++, we could go to the 3 different restaurants (Heat, Japanese and Paparazzi) and get whatever food they served. I hit Paparazzi where they were serving up Asti Spumanti champagne! Yum!!!!

I also gave Mom, Lola, Bang and Lai their Mother's Day presents, all lovingly homemade:

The expressions on their faces were enough to tell me that the hours spend all day yesterday was well worth it! They loooooooooved their Starbucks tumblers!!!!

And of course I made one for Mom Nena as well:I *was* going make one for myself, but I couldn't find a pic of the kids *WITH* Japa in it....and he did tell me in advance that he was expecting a pic of HIM included in whatever I made for myself on my tumbler! Hehehehehe.

***for a closer look at the layout in tumbler format, just click on the images above!


Olivia said...

oh, I love, love, love my tumbler!!! makes me want to have coffee everyday! hehe :)

glenville said...

hi! your starbucks tumbler designs are gorgeous! i'm inspired to make one of my own.=)