Sunday, March 15, 2009

Year-End Presentation

It's been a looooooong day! Mostly because of the kids' Year-End Presentation. This year, it was held at the UP Theater and the poor kids had to wait backstage for TWO whole hours before they actually came up on stage! Call time was at 330 pm, but because of the awarding of the Intelligence Awards, it seemed like forever before the program proper actually started!

We had the following awardees:
Linguistic Intelligence - Alexander Lacson. I nominated him for his awesome little book, 12 Little Things That We Can Do For Our Country (or something like that).

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence - John Gokongwei, Jr. The big guy wasn't there, but his daughter, Robina, was there to accept the award.

Spatial Intelligence - Rey Paz Contreras. He was an interesting man, a sculptor who uses his ability to help set up a community-based art training program. But he seemed to talk forever, and I know I had a catnap during his speech.

Musical Intelligence - Chin Chin Gutierrez. She was a beautiful lady, inside AND out. She spole in a lilting voice and advocated for a cleaner environment, mainly for our children's benefit. However, her aceptance speech was a tad bit too long when she took the mike and performed an indigenous song. It was a beautiful, local lullaby, though, and Chin CHin sang it with grace, accompanied by body movements of a bird, I think it was.

Interpersonal Intelligence - Cecilio Pedro. Yes, the guy behind Hapee Toothpaste. I nominated him as well. I texted Bang and she mentioned that Papa Ces was in Taiwan with Boydee! Hehehe. Cecilio accepted the award in a pre-taped segment, which was pretty cool :) and short and sweet!

Intrapersonal Intelligence - Gamaliel James Auste. He founded the Cancer Warriors, which concentrates on raising funds for the Filipino child who has cancer. He's a young guy and he's already done so much!

Naturalist Intelligence - Illac Angelo Diaz. Loooove his first name, and hey, his face and body weren't too bad either! LOL! This guy helps the urban poor build low cost houses, cheap and fast.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence - Noele Wenceslao, Janet Belarmino, and Karino Dayondon. Collectively known as the Filipino Women Mt Everest Team, they were the first female team to reach the summit in 2007. I don't know why they weren't there to accept the award, but I know that they visited the school sometime during the schoolyear.
And so finally, we come to the program proper. Entitled Batang Pinoy, Batang Bayani, the whole program was Filipino-based. It featured native instruments and local Filipino artists, all of whom were just awesome in their performances! They sang with the kids and really connected with them. They must have spent some time practicing with the kiddos because everything went perfectly!

Rogan was funny in his cameo "solo" as an OFW. He posed in the center in this weird position, we were all laughing at him, he was so cute! Hehehehe.

Rogan was the first of our kids to "perform". In quotation marks. Practically ALL the boys in his class were up stage, banging at the native instruments, hahahahaha. Probably to get them out of the way as the girls danced. Rogan and his gang were having the time of their life though, as they laughed, banged, swayed, banged, and they banged on their instruments!

Raine was next to come on stage. She didn't dance though and was in the background playing some instrument. I later learned that the music teachers were very particular in choosing who were going to play the instruments because that was the accompaniment to the UP Chorale's song. Ooookay.

Four numbers later, Ranger came out in his Superhero costume. All the kids were just darling in their outfits! Ranger danced with gusto and it was so obvious that he was having so much fun onstage! Good thing, too, because when we left the car to go into the theater, he had just woken up and was NOT in the greatest of moods!

Another four numbers away, Raine was up. She didn't dance though and was in the background playing some instrument. I later learned that the music teachers were very particular in choosing who were going to play the instruments because that was the accompaniement to the UP Chorale's song. Ok. Next year I should tell her to NOT do the instruments so I can see her onstage. Of course, with her size, it was easy to spot her, hehehe. Take note of her sandals, below. She spied that in Tita Zhar's room and knew IMMEDIATELY that it would go well with her costume!

Right after Raine, was Raegan's class. The best for last? Most likely. In the past few programs of the school, it seems that Raegan's class has always been the finale. Yes, they were pretty organized and GOOD! :) I barely saw Raegan as she was running all over the stage during their entire number! Ahhhh, the disadvantage of being one of the tallest ones in the class. She was holding on to several pieces of cloth that the class used to simulate waves or something. In the end, the pieces were fit together to form the flag. And Raegan was BEHIND the cloth helping to hold everything together! Hehehehe.

Very good program, and when it was all over, it was time to collect the kids. Raegan and her class were apparently bawling because they would miss each other over the summer. Even the boys were crying, as well as Teacher Nez! They were that close. You would think they wouldn't see each other after a few months! Hehehehe.

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