Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PTC x 4

And the PTCs start. Hehehe.

PTC 1 was Ranger, at 830. No problems, good grades. Ranger was writing better, pressing on the pencil more than before. His assessment test scores were pretty good, too. He just needs more practice using his motor skills, like cutting with scissors, coloring within the lines, etc.

PTC 2 was Rogan, with Teacher Erika squeezing me in since her parents cancelled for the next time slot. Rogan had pretty good grades, too, mostly As, a few Bs. Like in Filipino, hehehehe. To be expected! He was a messy student, requiring a whole garbage bag to himself to clean out his locker! Ack!

PTC 3 was Raine. Last of the kids with Teacher Tess. For now. Hoping that Teacher Tess will still be in school when Ranger reaches the 2nd grade! She was excited that Raine almost got a perfect score in her Math exam! She was the one who told Raine to take it easy and make sure she went back to check her answers. All As was all I could see on Raine's report card.

PTC4 - finally!!! - was Raegan. I rushed up the stairs since I was a few minutes late already. By this time, I was lugging more than a foot-worth of report cards and projects from the first 3 kids. I dumped everything outside the Grade 4 door and went in. Teacher Nez was all praises for Raegan, nothing else. She is so funny, and obviously oh-so-loves her class very much! Wishing she'd go on to Grade 5 with them, but it looks like she's staying on at Grade 4. At least Rogan gets to have her this coming school year.

Teacher Nez was returing to me Raegan's painting that was displayed in the lobby of the UP Theater during the Year End Program, and I asked her if she wanted to have it. She looked at me like she couldn't believe I said that, and I told her that I'm sure Raegan would want her to have it, too. Hesitantly, she took it and then with a big smile, she said thank you and that she was going to hang it in her room, hehehehe.

Here's the "famed" painting. Teacher Nez pointed out to me that Raegan's trademark is that flower at the bottom. Most of her artwork has this flower, albeit in different colors and different sizes, but it's there to be found. :) Cool. Gotta watch out for that and see if I can spot the "hidden flower". Hehehehe.

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