Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ad Materials Meeting

Can anyone say.....FOREVER?!?!? I swear, it took forever for this meeting to end!!!

Ok, fine, I exaggerate. A bit. We started late morning, through a working lunch and finished between 3 or 4 pm, I can't remember anymore! Bang was there, with Mario. Alex to assist. And Boydee. I rest my case. Bwahahahahaa! It wasn't too bad, really, there was just a TON of things to go through!

Total rehaul of all our ad materials, and then some. This included letterheads and envelopes, and calling cards. Then there were brochures, novena cards, fans, postcards of some sort, billboard posters and the sales kit. Holy moly, the sales kit was a production in itself!

Artsy fartsy sales kit, that's what it was. A beauty to behold but if you know me, I tried to tear it down by giving disadvantages left and right. Hey, that's my job. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but to look for the loopholes, the cons, of any project. :)

The printer guy came in, and it was another round of discussion as we went through all sorts of paper; thin, thick, laminated, glossy, etc, etc etc. Aaaargh!

By the time we were done, the entire conference table was strewn will all sorts of paper and prototypes of the ad material. Alex must have needed some luggage to haul everything out of there afterwards! I kid you not, with the way everything was laid down on the table (and it's a HUUUGE table), we were hard pressed to see the actual table top!

My head hurt towards the end, with the never ending thinking.....I guess it's not easy thinking of BAD things about something, hehehehe. But it was FUN. Yup, there, I've said it. It was a pretty good challenge wading through all that, stuff. LOL. We talked some Photoshop terms, layout terms...and came off a bit knowledgeable in that area, bwahahahahahaa! Thank goodness for scrapping, eh? Wouldn't have known all those details to tell the artist on what to click and move in Photoshop! :)

And yes, scrappers, I *did* say that it was such a faux pas to put a shadow on TEXT!!! Eeek! :)

Ok, I need to lie down here and REST. Just typing about all this again and my head is throbbing! I need an Excedrin!

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