Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swimming Lesson and Start of GSS

After a few hours at the office, the Sisterhood (minus Zhar and Stella) went to Ayala Heights to see Swimming Lesson #1 for Bric (#3 for Ranger and Riley). Lai and I were telling Bang NOT to be there because of the high likelihood that Bric was going to be bawling.

When we got to the pool, the kids were already there. Bric, in all his matching glory (rash guard, trunks, floaters), was supremely confident in the kiddie pool. He was jumping and splashing around; when someone handed him a kickboard, he gamely put his weight on it and continued jumping around. Ahhh....the confidence of a toddler! Hehehehe.

Bang was pretty sure that Bric wouldn't have a problem since he was such a water baby. I reminded her that Ranger was a water baby as well, but he cried a good 30 minutes when coach was holding him with no swim vest and no floaters. True enough, Bric started freaking out when he realized he was in the water in the big pool with NO floaters. Hehehehe. He immediately started screaming for Bang, until Lai and I told her to hide somewhere. He then started calling out for his yaya, and we banished her from the poolside. Poor baby, I know, but it was the only way he would get used to the water withOUT his support personnel in front of him!

Bric did a roll call of us there sitting on the wall, hoping against hope that we would at least go and get him from coach. To no avail. He called Elizza after me then Yaya Kuuuuuucet (hehehehe). I looked at Lai and told her NOT to look at Bric because she's a true softy! Hehehehehe. When Lai wouldn't respond to Bric, his last course was calling Haydeeeeee! Uh, sorry kid, she's the last person in the world who would jump in that pool to save you......I don't think she can swim all that well! Bwahaahahaha!

Finally, after an hour of crying (and forcing himself to vomit, ugh!), Bric was finally allowed to go out of the pool. At least, he stopped crying for a little bit, enough to answer coach with a "yah" when she asked him if he was going to be back tomorrow. Hehehehe.

Hopefully, this whole day didn't traumatize the poor child! :)


Ah yes, the Gavino Summer School. We started tonight, since the kids were so excited to use their new materials, hehehehe. And they did pretty well in their sketching, even Ranger! I may set up a blog (yes, another one!) just so they can see their work online :) I'm sure they'll love that!

........ok, I just set the blog up. Go to the Gavino Summer School Blog and check it out. The kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your comments, so go ahead and leave them some love :)

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