Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lagare. In Filipino, it literally means "saw", as in the tool. In English, it roughly means "all over the place", going back and forth, like a saw.

Anyhoo, to better illustrate, here was my wonderful schedule for today:

845 am - left the house to bring Japa to Makati
936 am - dropped off Japa at his meeting
955 am - arrived at the Site, ready to work.
1:20 pm - left the Site to go back to Makati, to pick up Japa
1:35 pm - picked up Japa and proceeded to go to Ortigas
1:55 pm - dropped Japa off at his office
21o pm - went to Megamall to buy some books at St Paul and to pay for our bar stools (finally!!!)
245 pm - arrive at the office. finally.

When I got to the office, it was straight to Mom's room, just in time to catch Chris the interior designer going over MY bed for the Van Gogh house. Whew! Hehehehe. At least I had the final say in the few, minor details Chris wanted to confirm.'

Then it was off to my room to interview a potential receptionist. Among other things. It was typing all over again, this time for work instead of for the kids' projects! Sigh! Summary pages for 3 potential employees so Boydee could see everything at a glance. Then I typed more stuff, mostly for the columbarium.

Stuff like points of discussion, maintenance monitoring sheets, multi-media system hook up, wireless security systems, forms galore for a gazillion things....and the list goes on and one. And on. After a few minutes, back to Boydee's office to discuss the employee summary sheets.

A good thing that came out? I stayed a little bit longer just to text the 3 applicants that they were going to start working tomorrow and on monday! :) At least we made a few people happy with the prospect of a job, right?

Ok, this was the extent of my scrapping for the past WEEK or so! Sheesh! Rogan did all the writing, and some "directing" in how he wanted the final project to look like:

The pizza slices:

The whole pie:

The boxed pizza pie:

So, what do you think? :)

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Meisie said...

Totally cool book report! Way to go, both of you...but especially mom! LOL