Friday, March 20, 2009

Did I WORK Today!

I have soooooo much stuff to do, especially before Boydee comes home from Korea!

So off I went to the office and buckled down to work. And work I did. I totally forgot it was Friday, and therefore should have fasted and abstained. I ordered Chicken Nuggets and inhaled the lot of them while typing on the keyboard, I was too busy to stop and enjoy the food!

Click, click, click. Type, type, type. Rustle, rustle, rustle. Mouse, laptop, papers - both actual and electronic copies. Sigh! In the midst of the working I *still* had to do some coordinating so that someone would be in the hospital with Dad at around 530 or so, so that Mom could go to her daily mass. Thank goodness for technology and group sending via cellphone! Hehehehe. Made things soooo much easier!

Thankfully, Mom's 3 angel veterans in the office (Bechay, Letty and Elma) stayed on while I was still working.....they were going to lock the office for the weekend. Startled, I looked at the time and it was 745 pm! I felt bad that the 3 ladies had to wait, so I told them to go and order pizza for all of us so that we had something to eat. I was waiting for the driver to come get me, too, after bringing Japa to his poker game.

And so at 9 pm, stuffed from pizza and brain-tired from work, I left the office to finally go home. Tired, but with a feeling of major accomplishment. No, I didn't finish everything I had to finish, but I did chop off a pretty big chunk of work....the kind that required so many details. So it was definitely a big hurdle that I had just gotten done! Whew!

Before I retire for the night, here are a few pages I didn't get a chance to upload last night:


HONG DISNEYLAND (back cover, most likely)


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