Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Swim Camp

Raegan was one of the few 'small kids' picked by Coach Archie to join the Swim Camp with Coach Rick Powers. Cool! That in itself was an achievement, I thought :)

Raegan was excited when she came home, saying that she learned a lot in the few hours of the seminar and training session. There was talk of lactic acid, proper nutrition, stretching, visualization and other swimming things. She said the swimming part was easy; I told her it was only the first day, bwahahaahahha!

Raegan took down notes in this itty bitty notebook of hers. Can you see me rolling my eyes? She also scribbled some notes on the 2-page paper that was given to the swimmers.

When she got home, I knew she was tired, but also alert because of her excitement. Taking advantage, I told her she had to study a little bit more for her exams tomorrow. The excitement faded a little bit from her eyes, but she knew that there was studying to be done.

The advantage of having the kids still do training during their exams? The exercise does help clear their brains of extraneous stuff and will actually help them absorb MORE. Trust me. Been there, done that! :) So the kids have NO reason to complain at all! :)

Ok, off to update the kids' project blog!

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