Monday, March 02, 2009

Squeezing in a Book Report

OMG. Could this week even be more stressful?!?!? What a start of the week! Not only was I doing exam reviews, Raine arrives from school and announces that she had a Book Report due. This week. On Wednesday!!! Aaaaargh!!!! It was all I could do from screaming my head off!

She is so lucky her mother is a scrapper! That was the good thing. The bad thing? I had to read her story so that I could understand what she was trying to say in her report. Raine thought of what to write, typed everthing on the computer, and emailed me her report. Thank goodness for technology....and for the fact that the kids know computers. They should, seeing that we pretty much have enough desktops and laptops for everyone to use, even Ranger!

Ok, gotta go and hopefully some creative mojo comes my way for the Book Report! SOON!

We did finish Raine's Kids' Can project:

Some close ups:

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