Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harder Aerobics

Site duty today :) The day started late, though, since I dyed my hair a deep dark brown. Yup, all by myself; the advantages of having much shorter hair, hehehe. Cheaper, too! I took my time blow drying and straightening it.

Boydee arrived to pick me up and we went to the site together. He attended the funeral mass of Oel's dad while I went straight to work. I would have been much more productive if it weren't for the internet connection going all wonky again. Sigh! Otherwise, it was finalizing monitoring work sheets, calling some clients, coordinating payments.

I didn't have time to even set up my DVD burner to back up files to disc! I was planning to have that running in the background, but there simply was no time to take everything out of the bag and set it up. Oh well. Sometime tonight as I watch TV....or scrap.....maybe.

I did get to Office Aerobics on time, though! And MAN, it was just HARD today!!! I'm not sure if it's because I was tired in general (which I'm sure it wasn't), or our aerobics sessions keep getting harder and harder! I was telling Bang during our burning-butt exercise that Lai might DIE if she waits too long to join us since our workouts seem to be getting more and more difficult to do! Hehehehe.

Can anyone say Jane Fonda workout? Yes, those famed exercise sessions that brought on the aeroics craze. We were doing ab workouts and leg-burning exercises like there was no tomorrow! And holy moly, did I find out the HARD way that I had lower abs!!! Ugh! I'm usually pretty good with ab workouts but I have to admit that my humongo legs were totally weighing me down. LITERALLY!!! Most of us were grunting, huffing and puffing in the latter part of the hour. Yes, I was probably the loudest since most of the staff were probably too shy or too embarrassed to make loud noises :)

This is probably the last thing I'm going to do tonight, I'm that tired. I did try to scrap, but I found myself staring at Photoshop for about a minute without doing anything. That's when I realized I was tired, hahahahaha!

I just want to veg out in front of the tv, pop in a DVD movie or TV series and just RELAX!!! Obviously, some home theatre seating would be waaaaay preferable to this super duper old thing we call a couch which leans against the foot of our bed, but beggars can't be choosers, lol! This old thing probably has at least a couple more years on it, bwahahahaha!

Look at all the endings of my paragraph....they end in laughter. Yes, I'm delirious and tired. Signing off now before I keep laughing myself silly!

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