Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Official.....

....I have a darn AGE SPOT!!! Ack!!! It's at the base of my neck, on the left side. Of all places to be, it had to be in a visible area!!! Grrrr!

And freckles! Holy moly! I had always wanted to have a KID, NOT at this day and age! Sheesh! I asked a dermatologist, Elise, what these brown spots were, thinking that they were sun spots. They sure were.....freckled ones! LOL!

And this darn age spot is an indication that I *am* going to be forty this year. Hehehehe. Honestly, if it were situation somewhere else, like my upper arms or something where I can hide it from view, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But at the base of my neck??? The only thing that can hide this from view is a scarf (I'll DIE wearing a scarf in this horrid heat wave we live in now), a turtleneck (blech!), or a really thick necklace (ummm......nope!).

What are my options? Aside from just leaving it, there is laser treatments, which is horrendously expensive! Scratching that from my list, lol! There's also diamond peeling, which is ok, if I had the time and the effort to religiously go to the dermatologist's clinic (I really don't). I also have some creams that were given to me. We'll see how that works.

Ok, that's my big news for the day. LOL!

The girls were out the entire afternoon and evening: Raegan went shopping with Tita Bang, and Raine went to try out tennis with Tita Zhar and Mamalyn.

Japa was at the Shrine, overseeing details for the wake of Oel's dad who passed away yesterday morning. The boys stayed at home: watching tv, playing the PS3 (or was it the PS2? I can't keep up with their toys anymore!) and their Nintendo DS, playing the computer.

Me? Scrapping like crazy to get an album done for Bishop!

Got these pages done using CT stuff:

I used Vintage Charm, a collab between Matahati Designs and Faith True at Scrap Orchard for my Fr Patrick layout. Perfect touches, I thought! :)

I used Patricia Christensen's Spring Fever kit for this fun page of us making our way up Mont St Michel (except for the stamp cluster). Perfect colors, I thought!

And I used fabulous quick pages for these:




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