Saturday, March 07, 2009

Swim Camp x 3

Raegan, Rogan, and Raine all attended the swim camp this morning. It was exhausting, according to them, but they were excited about it. They came home with stories about how to wait and dive into the pool during relays. The proper way to do the butterfly. And the breaststroke.

Raine proudly told me that Coach Archie had told Coach Rick that she had good form for the butterfly. Rogan added to it saying he heard it too :) That was a first, for sure, LOL! Rogan backing up Raine!

Poor kids though. After swimming, they had Kumon afterwards. I pity them sometimes.....they don't seem to have too many breaks, what with swimming and Kumon, on Saturdays! This weekend will be jam packed for them, too. They've got the last day of swim camp tomorrow! Yikes! Exams, camp, projects. It's a wonder we're still standing now!!!

Mass at the hospital, a quick dinner, then it was back to the drawing boards. Literally. The kiddos still need to finish up their Kids Can Project, and I've got to update their blog! Like I said, it's a packed weekend!

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